Pleased with my first go at Nordic Waffles! Tasted delicious. Kids liked them too. May cut the cardamom back a touch next time.

I continue to see more people covering the camera in their laptops. How come nobody covers the forward facing camera on their mobile phone?

We went to the Bakken Museum today which was very fun! They have a demonstration or β€œgame” there where you play another person by quieting your mind and making the EEG reading go down, moving a ball towards the other person. Tammy grabbed this great picture of me quieting my mind… 😊 β€œMind like water…” πŸ’§

Entering the world of sous vide cooking with my new Joule. Love that I even get to update firmware on this! Has WiFi and can be controlled anywhere from iOS. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»