Next leg of India trip starting. Had a fabulous time In Hyderabad. Now boarding Air India 🛫 to our next destination, Pune! 🇮🇳

Fabulous visit to Indmax #TeamSPS in Hyderabad. Thank you for the warm welcome and great questions! 🇮🇳

Finished great town hall with our partner Indmax #TeamSPS in Hyderabad! Also video to our Coimbatore team! So great to meet everyone! 🤝

Amy, Kent and I got a warm welcome from our partners at Bristlecone after 20 hours of traveling and arriving in Delhi at 1am.

Dan Wilson’s 3-Ring Binder all request show last night at Icehouse was fabulous. Small venue, and all songs performed solo on either piano or guitar. He encouraged the crowd to sing along on some of the favorites. The song selection process was chaos, but he made that fun too. A very unique show, that I’m glad I got to be part of. 🎶