give a person a find/replace and you power them once; teach a person regular expressions and you give them superpowers ⚑️

Scenes from tonights #TeamSPS game night! I ran the Super Mario Kart tournament! Very competitive! πŸŽπŸ†πŸ‘πŸ»

Coldest Halloween πŸŽƒ in 15 years definitely impacted turnout. ❄️ First year we didn’t run out of candy in a long time. 🍫

Mixed Up Holiday House is a favorite Halloween πŸŽƒ stop! All holidays except Halloween! Plus 🍺 for the parents!

Moving 15 years of blog content to Jekyll and Markdown files is surprisingly difficult. My blog first ran on .Text, then WordPress, then Squarespace. Each step along the way was a full migration. No content lost.

Now I’m in Jekyll and trying to get links working and validated in posts. And the media files, oh what a mess. 😫 Progress is made but it is slow and even with extensive scripting skills there is still much to do manually. It feels like I’ll be in a good spot when done, but it’s a lot more than I planned.